Why 10xHostings is viable, reliable and profitable hosting solutions for next 10 years

To Our Customers & Beloved JVs,

Thanks for the massive support to top JVs, Beta Users and 6000+ Strong Family of Users.

and we are getting good engagement and questions from excited ealry prospects on various aspects of how we'll manage 10xHostings for next 10 years with smooth support.

It feels great when your prospects drive you, motivate you with such great engagement.

Here's How 10xHostings is a feasible solution based on each parameter of hosting:

1. Financial Feasibility:

As per Industry Standards,
Average page size if 2MB and the website having 100 pages with need disk space of 200MB, and with 100-page loads daily, the bandwidth required is 6GB monthly per user per site.

Taken into consideration that each user can have multiple such sites with active traffic, We have created a higher side architecture plan with 10TB of storage, 128GB of RAM, and 100TB in bandwidth which is costing us $6000 per year and $60,000 for 10 Years (Approx). Including our daily, weekly, monthly backups.

Also, we are using equivalent extra resources for backup and instant shift in case of downtime or unprecedented incidents which is an extra cost of $1000 per year making it $10k for 10 Years.

Plus We have hired Dedicated staff team to manage support, customers and add-on services apart from our existing customer relationships team to manage operations and assistance.

It will cost us $600 per month extra additionally on existing support team expenses. Making it $7200 per year and $72000 for 10 years.

Making it total cost of $60,000+$10,000+$72,000= $142,000

Adjusting it to Inflation and considering how hosting prices have dropped in the past few years, Let's say Our Expense will be b/w $200,000 to $250,000

How We'll break even or Profit from this launch and afterward...

  • With Average expected price of $80-$85 (Based in our past launch records) We'll get substantial profits from this one time launch

  • We'll run paid media campaigns to lead magnets to get more leads to whom we'll sell different versions of 10xHostings in one-time and recurring price.

  • We'll redirect traffic from our other products constantly to 10xHostings offer as this will be a base product in our arsenal for newbie marketers

  • 10xHostings will be continuously used in future funnels in one-time or monthly recurring cost

  • Add On Services: All of these add-on services are optional and chargeable hence giving us a major chunk of profits regularly from customers.

  • Installation and Migration Services: Optional and Chargeable like Add-On Services

  • Backend Webinar: Immediately after the launch, We'll be running our own high ticket targeted offer which is proven 6 figs. webinar in the past regularly.

  • Periodic Sales Webinars & Promotions for Targeted Offers: We'll be selling quality mid to high ticket products to these customers which will be value enriched for them in scaling business and instrumental in boosting our profits regularly.

We'll be standing good from an ROI point of view after 10 years with this realistic approach and just in case we fail in one or few of the above revenue sources, We have running a business, multiple products, and different income stream to support 10xHostings ongoing expenses.

We are hard-working entrepreneurs who believe in stretching their limits and understand the nitty-gritty of business we invest in hence we have done calculations for a worst case scenario and even, in that case, we'll keep 10xHostings running.

2. Add-on Services:

We are going to offer multiple add-on services to help us maintain a cost-effective environment

  • Monthly dedicated IPs
  • Multiple Installation Services. i.e.: WordPress, WooCommerce
  • Dedicated priority support manager
  • Data Migration Charges
  • Security, Hardening services
  • Remote Assistant services
  • Malware removal services
  • Domain name registration
  • Location Migration etc.

All of these add-on services are optional and chargeable.

Plus We will recommend good software and services (website builders, webinar software, social media management tools, etc.)

inside our member's area (Monthly Recurring and One Time both).

2. Server & System Backup:

We are taking regular automatic and manual data backups on daily, weekly, monthly or the on-request basis to cloud storage like Amazon S3 to safeguard data of our customers.

3. Wordpress Plugins & Themes Support:

We do not provide support for the functioning of themes and plugins. However, we can implement the solution suggested by the developer of the themes and plugins in case of any dependency on our side and fall within service limits.

4. Support Staff for 10 Years:

We already have over 5+ experts in customer relationship and support management for multiple cloud-based apps, and we have hired 3 dedicated persons for server level support handling, mitigation, and addon assistance

5. Data & Website Migration:

We are happy to provide data and website migration service with additional charges, depending upon the complexity of a site or previous server starting from $50/Hour.

6. Banned Services:

Anything related to ZenCash, Mining, Mass mailing, Torrents, TOR, IRC, Teamspeak, Starbound, Runescape, Minecraft, IP spoofing, DOS attacks, Piracy, Porn, Unauthorised media distribution, Brand Forging, Multics and Any kind of unethical high CPU, IO, network usage are NOT ALLOWED.

The following are strictly prohibited uses and may result in immediate suspension and/or termination if discovered on Your account:

Please read our TOS before ordering.

7. UpTime 99% Commitment:

With tier 1 resources, multiple backup services and faster mitigation time, we are committed to providing 99% uptime.

8. Zero Tolerance Policy:

We have zero tolerance policy towards abuse, spamming, pornography and other illicit activities, and we will terminate the account instantly

9. Fair Use Policy:

To maintain our resources and better planning of further architecture deployment, all the users are required to redeem their hosting every year by contacting the support, without any additional charges.

If they not, the account will go in the suspended stage but can be reinstated on support request

10. Overheads Costing:

Despite of all preparedness we do consider overhead expenses in case of an unexpected event or damage control, for that, we have reserved funds, and adding more in that with media buying, Ads promotions, customer referrals to get more customers and users to keep overall status balanced and profitable

11.Website Security:

We have DDOS Mitigation service, blocked shell access, implemented OWASP rules including Injection, Broken Authentication, Sensitive data exposure, XML External Entities (XXE), Broken Access control, Security misconfigurations, Cross Site Scripting (XSS), Insecure Deserialization, Using Components with known vulnerabilities, Insufficient logging, and monitoring, And advanced firewall protection, daily scanning report, malicious account level suspension

As hosting is an essential backbone of any business, we are building a good customer base by providing this basic building block of business.

As a successful serial entrepreneur, we are committed to providing top-level service to get as much repeat customer as possible in business and we know how to do it best.

Once again, thanks for supporting 10xHostings.

Team 10xHostings

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